This page shows the "Q Codes" as used by CB and HAM radio

CQ = General call to any/all stations-CQ DX Call to distant stations
QRA = What is the name of your station?
QRB = How far approximately are you from my station?
QRD = Where are you bound and where are you from?
QRG = Will you tell me my exact frequency?
QRH = Does my frequency vary?
QRK = What is the readability of my signals (1-5)?
QRL = Are you busy?
QRM = Are you being interfered with?-Man-made interference
QRN = Are you troubled by static?-Atmospheric noise
QRT = Shall i stop sending?-"on-the-side"
QRU = Have you anything for me?
QRV = Are you ready?
QRW = Shall i tell that you are calling him on channel..?
QRX = When will you call again?-"off-the-air"
QRY = What is my turn?
QRZ = Who is calling me?
QSA = What is the strength of my signals (1-9+)?
QSB = Are my signals fading?(upp and down)
QSL = Can you acknowledge receipt?-Acknowledged
QSO = Can you communicate directly or by relay?-Also used for
"a communication" or a conversation
QSW = Do you wish to transmit on this frequency?
QSX = Will you listen to on channel..?
QSY = Shall i change to another frequency?-Changing frequency
QTE = What is my TRUE bearing from you?or What is my TRUE bearing from?
QTH = What is your position in latitude and longitude?-LOCATION
QTI = What is your TRUE course?
QTJ = What is your speed?
QRL = What is you TRUE heading?
QTK = What is the exact time?
QTU = What are the hours during which your station is open?
QTX = Will you keep your station open for further communication with me
until further notice (or until hours)?
QUA = Have you news of..?
QUD = Have you received the urgent signals sent by.?
QUF = Have you received the distress signals sent by:?

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