The modifications page is for educational purposes only, many of the examples are illegal in most countries!

If you do choose to ignore the above statement, at least ensure that any alteration that you do does not breach the law in your country. If you ignore this too, then you run a high risk of a very large fine,confiscation of the equipment, lose of your amatuer licence or even imprisonment!

Any modifications that you do are done at your own risk !

I accept no responsibility for what you do with this information, you have been warned !

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Although these modifications are for specific sets, the principles can be applied to others because many sets share the same type of PCB

Some of these mods have been found on the internet or have been given to me by visitors to my site, so i cannot promise that they all work.

Are you looking for specialist technical information, like circuit diagrams, service manuals, PCB layouts or specific troubleshooting and repair tips, I probably have what you need !

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